Pack more emotion into your online inventory listings with full-motion video with voiceover – let shoppers read about as well as see and hear about the uniqueness of your particular inventory! Tell the story of each vehicle you list online through real, high-quality video with voice and graphics – help shoppers see themselves driving off in your vehicle!  Help shoppers find your dealership.

AutoUpLinkUSA Inventory Video with Voiceover

  • Search Engines LOVE video. Video content will raise your website in the search engine ranking – driving more traffic to your site ad more consumers to your showroom.
  • Stop shoppers so they spend more time on your web site (stickiness) and drive them to your showroom floor. Generate excitement and emotion for each of your pre-owned vehicles.
  • Make it easier for customers to experience your inventory by posting video vehicle walk-arounds on your web site as well as on many vehicle online shopping sites.
  • Send as personalized video e-mails to interested customers.
  • Create a custom video for each vehicle in your inventory.
  • Video includes customized professional voiceover presentation with music.
  • Add custom “wrappers” at the beginning and conclusion of each video presentation to highlight your dealership or convey a common message on each vehicle.
  • Packages are available to load each video directly to YouTube for you.

Now you can add life and appeal to your online vehicle listings to create a visually compelling reason why shoppers should buy your vehicle!

Live Video Upload

Our Live Video Upload feature lets you take live video of any vehicle in your inventory from a flip-phone camera or other recording device-and upload it instantly over any existing Text-To-Speech or Human Voiceover video, and distribute and post it to your web site or other sites. Have an iPad, iPhone, or Android smart phone? Get our free Video Inventory Mobile Manager (VIMM) app, available at the Apple App Store or on the Android Market. With our Live Video Upload, you can:

  • Easily upload video, have it encoded and produced, then posted on your dealership website, mobile site, or Facebook page, or on sites like,, and YouTube-and distributed immediately-ALL in one simple step to engage your customers
  • Automatically have any Overlays, marketing, and branding messages incorporated into your video on your dealership’s behalf.
  • Re-record your video, as needed, to eliminate any unwanted background sounds, like wind or traffic noise.

Why Video Inventory?

People watch videos. Social media has proven that people share with their friends videos that they find interesting. Today’s car buyer is internet savvy – they make their first stop in the car buying process at Google and then check with their friends, family, and colleagues on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vine, etc. Put interesting and useful information at the fingertips of today’s car buyer – become a trusted source for unbiased information – and they’ll find their way to your showroom. Almost 70% of the Top 50 online retailers have video content on their websites – you should too!

Google loves video. When the largest search engine in the world (Google) buys the largest video hosting company in the world (YouTube), you can bet that video content will have major influence in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google understood back in 2006 that video content was the future of relevant information. Google makes no secret about how to get to the top of their search results – be the top expert of your field – have plenty of relevant, trusted, unbiased information on your site. Google wants people to use their search engine – so they are motivated to have their results be as accurate and helpful as possible. Getting to the top of the Google search results is simply a matter of having the most relevant content. And Google knows that one of the best ways to deliver that content is through video. If you don’t have video content on your website, then you are missing out on a proven tactic to get your content in front of potential customers.

People are more likely to watch video content rather than reading text

  • Video content is 53x more likely to display on the first page Google search results
  • Videos attached in emails campaigns increase click throughs by 96%
  • Videos content on websites increases visit time by an average of 2 minutes
  • 85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video
  • Potential customers who watch your videos are more likely to be ready to purchase