Promoting vehicles online has never been easier with our inventory management from AULMA. With do-it-yourself and on-the-lot service options to choose from, AULMA delivers a collection of apps to capture vehicle data, optimize and enhance each vehicle, and distribute all over the web to get inventory noticed!

Managed Services

The search is over if you need a full-service, on-the-lot provider to take your pictures, print your window stickers and visit the dealership regularly. We have boots on the ground throughout the country, and we can visit your dealership to capture and optimize your vehicle data so you don’t have to; you focus on the upstream promotion and selling, and we’ll do the heavy lifting on the lot.

Web-Based Software

AULMA is entirely web-based and available in the Cloud to all your employees. No proprietary hardware or software is necessary to get started with the do-it-yourself version!

Promote Everywhere

Getting inventory noticed starts with distributing everywhere your customers are online. AULMA is capable of distributing your vehicle data to hundreds of sites, platforms, providers and apps all over the web. Get inventory out there and get noticed!

Beautiful and Unique Snowflakes

Every snowflake is unique and vehicles are no different.  Tell the story with unlimited photos, custom comments, dynamic pricing, custom overlays, image background enhancement, and much more.  That car’s buyer is out there, you just have to tell the story to promote that vehicle.

Reporting and Analytics

What sets successful retailers apart from the average crowd isn’t just about price. LOTSYNC has deep analytics to allow managers to dig into their inventory with actionable metrics and reports to help stock the right vehicles throughout the year, and to improve turn to increase profitability.

Easy to Use Interface

PC makes all of this possible in a simple, yet powerful, interface that can be used by the technical and non-technical users alike. Get up and running fast and minimize the learning curve for new employees.  LOTSYNC is the killer app from AULMA that puts your inventory in front of more buyers in more compelling, visually powerful and persuasive dynamic formats that really drive clicks and leads.  To learn more, complete the form to the right and we will be in touch with you today.