AutoUpLinkUSA is introducing all new Website Development services through our new partnership with AutoUpLinkTECH. We now cover all your online needs from Custom Dealer Webites and Mobile technologies to SEM & SEO Marketing. We’ll work with you to determine which services will work best for your dealership and develop the perfect strategy for you to sell more cars online!
At AutoUpLinkUSA, we provide the Ultimate Online Lead Generation Tools, Custom Web Sites, and Marketing Services. Our premium Custom Websites and Marketing Programs are specifically tailored to Automotive Dealerships to generate thousands of new leads every month, providing your Dealership with Maximum Online Exposure and increasing your Sales!

Custom Dealership Websites

Compare AutoUpLinkUSA/AutoUpLinkTECH to ANY Website Provider – BIG or SMALL! Unlike our competitors, we customize not just the look but the function of your website. Every element down to the very last detail.

  • Make a dramatically better first impression on your customers
  • Faster/easier inventory searches with more detailed data
  • 5x the Internet traffic
  • 20% better closing ratios
  • Up to 55% increase in sales!
Bold statistical claims, right?! There is power in customization. All of the big box site companies uses the same templated code over and over – insuring that your site is not unique and that it won’t stand out from other dealership sites.

Landing Pages & Email Newsletters

We put extra care into branding your image in the message and delivering it with results.

Mobile Websites & Text Messaging

Use the widest channel of communication in history to deliver immediate calls to action and information. Our text marketing campaigns and mobile Websites compliment your marketing with additional vehicle details, sales events, contests and more!


The foundation of any dealership’s Internet marketing effort is Search Engine Marketing, in fact having a website without search engine marketing is like having TV without the broadcast…what’s the point? Dealerfire’s SEM strategy is built around our proprietary keyword model developed throughout our years in the industry. We then add another layer of custom marketing on top of the keyword model that is specific to our partner’s dealership. We actively manage and update your search engine marketing campaigns; we do not simply turn them over to a computer program.

Portals & Custom Microsites

Our flexibility and creativity will extend your reaches beyond the dealership walls.

Custom Website Design

No cookie cutters or templates here! For decades dealerships have been successful doing things that make them stand out in the market and your dealership’s website should be no exception. The flexibility and attention to detail is what makes our website platform the solution to being different in your market and this concept a reality.

Manufacturer Compliant Websites

AutoUpLinkUSA Mid-Atlantic / AutoUpLinkTECH is a certified website provider that follows the guidelines set forth from the manufacturers. Any vendor can build a website – but building it and keeping it compliant is a completely different story. Enjoy custom dealer website design that is compliant at the same time.

Focused Websites

Gain more real estate online and generate more leads with focused websites. AutouplinkPA not only builds traditional dealership websites but focused websites as well. These sites can highlight Used Cars, Credit, Service, Body Shop specific models and more

Mobile Websites

Does your dealership have a mobile strategy? Is all the information on your full version website available on your mobile website? Can you create custom pages? Manage Ads? Get all these features and more with a mobile solution that works on over 1750 mobile devices!

Site Search

Our exclusive feature allows a customer to search for what they are looking for from your home page with real time results just like Google. We have literally turned your website in a search engine! Every page and every piece of content is indexed within our platform bringing your content to life. Customer can search terms such as “navigation” or “3rd row seating” and see results!

Advanced Search

Advanced Search gives customers exactly they are looking for, Options! Customers will be able to find what they are looking for in less time by utilizing a plethora of sorting functions, different inventory displays, unique vehicles categories such as vehicle packages & trim levels, as well as a keyword search box that contains indexable content from the dealers website with functionality similar to Google’s search engine.

Pricing Options

We also offer 100% customizable pricing labels, and up to 6 customizable pricing fields that can be displayed on your website.

25 Ways to Generate Leads

The most important page of your dealership website is the vehicles details page (VDP). While most website providers have 5-7 ways to generate a lead, We have 25 different ways to generate a lead making our websites 5 times more successful in converting customers. See which lead forms work in your market & even customize one specific to your dealership!

Awards & Accolades

Build value for every vehicle in your inventory! Any award or accolade that a particular vehicle has one will be displayed for your consumers to see how great your vehicle for sale is.

Condition Reports

AutoUpLinkUSA Mid-Atlantic Condition Reports make full disclosure of a vehicle for sale a reality. With both failed & passed items recorded and displayed with real images your dealerships inventory will stand out in the market having more content per vehicle that customers are truly interested in. This feature adds massive value to each car & less price haggling at the dealership.

Thank You Pages

What should you do after a visitor on your website converts into a lead? You should say thank you! With customizable Thank You Pages, you can deliver focused content and messaging to your customers while they are in shopping mode! Not only can you add videos, photos and links but you can add your own tracking and conversion codes to help you measure your results.

Automated Promotions

Is your dealership having trouble keeping your website up to date with manufacturer promotions or national campaigns? Automate the process!

Video Gallery

The specials page on all dealership websites is one of the most viewed pages by vehicle shoppers. Automate this process with hundreds of combinations from vehicle pricing & incentives to inventory age to determine which vehicles should be specials.

Social Network Integration

We put your inventory where your customers are! Make it available on social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube in a click of a button.

Automated Rebates

Every vehicle that comes from the manufacturer has a window sticker and the customer wants to see it. Why not make it viewable on the vehicle details page of your dealership’s website!

Window Stickers

Every vehicle that comes from the manufacturer has a window sticker and the customer wants to see it. Why not make it viewable on the vehicle details page of your dealership’s website? With Window Stickers from AutoUpLinkUSA Mid-Atlantic your customers will see the REAL window sticker specific to the VIN of the vehicle they are interested in.

Vehicle Brochures

Today’s consumers gather as much information online as possible BEFORE they come to the dealership to purchase. Real factory colorized brochures are available for every make and model on your website, giving customers the content they are looking for before making a vehicle purchase.

Inventory Video Integration

Enhance your website – Extend your reach. Real true voice, video & CARFAX integration with the ability to syndicate inventory to YouTube, & AutoTrader.

Virtual Service Consultant

Does your dealership website have one of those boring service pages? Increase leads 350% with the most intuitive scheduler in the industry. The Virtual Service Consultant will bring your service page to life! With full control over product pricing, recommendations, scheduling & offers this tool can be plugged into any dealership website regardless of vendor.

Live Website Repair Orders

Visually explain the repairs that are needed on your customer’s vehicles with photos & video. Live Website Repair Orders is a mobile app available for download on Google Play (Android) & Apple App Store. This app puts the power in your hands to sell more service work than ever before. Automated emails and text messages are sent to your customers in real time to help them make an informed decision on repair work needed for their vehicles.

Tire Modules

Does your dealership sell tires? Can you sell them from your website? This module comes with tire pricing control, factory rebates, tire reviews and up-selling capabilities.

Live Edits, Widgets, & Custom Pages

The AutoUpLinkUSA Mid-Atlantic Custom Page Builder gives the dealership complete control of the content they wish to add in a few clicks of a button. Utilizing our massive library of widgets dealers can add custom pages with videos, pictures, content, lead forms, coupons & much more. Your custom pages can also include conversion & goal tracking from Google Analytics that you can control.

Custom Page Builder Pages

Within minutes add custom pages with videos, pictures, content, lead forms, coupons & much more. Your custom pages can include conversion & goal tracking from Google Analytics that you can control.

Form Builder

Not only are the pages within the website flexible – the lead forms are too! Lead form fields can be reordered, added and modified. Required fields can also be customized.

Staff Manager

n an age of transparency, customers want to put a face to a name. Our Staff Manager allows dealers to upload pictures, video and content for customers visiting their website to enjoy.

Testimonial Manager

Manage your reputation online while utilizing our testimonial manager. This tool allows you to manage pictures, videos, star ratings and valuable content all index-able by Google.

Tool Bar Controls

This toolbar give dealers the ability to control all social media outlets, google translate languages, QR Codes, coupons and much more.

SEO Any Page

Every page of your website is 100% editable from an SEO standpoint. Customize your SEO.