The internet is the most powerful sales tool in the automotive industry. AutoUpLinkUSA Mid-Atlantic (AULMA) has developed a series of products and services designed to maximize your internet sales. As more and more consumers use the internet to research and purchase their vehicles, it only makes sense to focus advertising efforts in the online areas where these consumers are spending their time.

Increased Exposure

One of the best values in increasing your sales opportunities is to automate posting your dealership inventory on Craigslist using CarGigi via AutoUpLinkUSA.  Our service will allow your dealership inventory to automatically publish to Craigslist daily with eye-catching templates and real-time reporting with toll-free tracking included.  We will even get your dealership started with a free trial.

Auction Solutions

Whether your dealership is looking for more retail sales opportunities or methods to increase your wholesale profits, AutoUpLinkUSA has the tools and knowledge to help you succeed.  AutoUpLinkUSA can assist your dealership sell more retail and wholesale inventory via eBay Motors and traditional auction services such as SmartAuction, OPENLANE and Manheim.

Beyond Photos

Videos from AutoUpLinkUSA does a better, more descriptive job of presenting and merchandising your dealership inventory. Video allows you to deliver richer product presentations and greater impact because consumers spend up to 50% more time with video listings than static listings.

Mobile Ready

Have you seen the phones people are carrying these days?  The next generation of smart phones is really a pocket sized computer that happens to make phone calls. Mobile is exploding and has shown no signs of slowing.  If your dealership hasn’t already realized the the power of today’s mobile technology, let AutoUpLinkUSA show you.

Tell the Story

What sets many successful dealerships apart from the average crowd isn’t just about price, it’s their merchandising.  AutoUpLinkUSA SmartComments showcase the most powerful highlights of all of your preowned inventory with descriptions that are unique, relevant and always complete.