is one of the fastest growing sites for consumer information. To maximize their sales, AutoUpLinkUSA clients can choose either our simple to use Craigslist Publishing Tool or to automate the Craigslist process with our Automated Ad Manager.

Automated Ad Manager is a powerful online marketing tool that provides simple, affordable and effective management of used vehicle advertising on free classified platforms like Craigslist®. Automate your classified ad management today!

screenshots from the AutoUpLinkUSA craigslist ad manager

Try Automated Ad Manager from AutoUpLinkUSA on our FREE TRIAL today and find out why it is the most effective Craigslist publishing application available.

  • Fully compliant with Craigslist and other automotive dealer related classified websites.
  • Completely hands-free. Your inventory will be posted daily with no additional effort for anyone at the dealership.
  • Professionally designed ads and templates.
  • Automatically sends leads to your dealership CRM and email addresses.
  • Call tracking is included.
  • Includes the creation and placement of an Inventory link on your Facebook Wall.
  • Includes the creation of a You Tube Channel for you as well as video for every vehicle in your pre-owned inventory.

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